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North American University Services provides comprehensive educational services to international students to prepare them for undergraduate and graduate programs in North America. We work directly with top universities and colleges to create innovative programs that deliver student lifecycle services.

We facilitate life-changing pathways empowering people to move freely between countries, levels in society or careers. We are participating in creating world changers of tomorrow through innovative education pathways. Every college and university, just like every student, has a unique signature and identity.


  • Works with TOP RANKED colleges and universities that offer innovative programs and articulated pathways enabling a wide range of applicants to gain admissions.
  • Through our partnering [CRM] specialized International Student/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we facilitate the acceptance process and the admissions process including :
  • Entry requirements and acceptance conditions, including English language proficiency
  • Application deadlines and processes, including any application fees
  • A student, submitting their profile of information, will receive Conditional offer Letter from multiple institutions within days of submission.
  • All stages of application & admissions process are transparent, clear and direct communication between each applicant, their target university and the Recruitment Associate.
  • Deposits required, tuition fees, payment deadlines, and methods, direct with the University
  • Real-time Government study Visa [F1 Visa] coaching and preparation provided through a webinar module support program.

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The Career Accelerator

This support gives students the competitive edge to be successful in today’s professional world. Created by professional career coaches, the Career Accelerator offers students the ability to customize their program in line with their professional goals. Each student’s dedicated Career Advisor works with them to provide the training and skills needed by today’s global employers. We appreciate that life as a student is busy. The Career Accelerator spans four semesters so that students can easily participate in the program while managing their studies. Through Career Accelerator modules and workshops, students will explore a variety of personal and professional development themes that assess and develop their competence as productive, 21st-century workplace team members.

  • TERMS 1 CAREER DISCOVER Self-Assessment, Personal Branding, Major Exploration
  • TERM 2 CAREER DIRECTION Career Research, Professional Communication, Networking
  • TERM 3 CAREER DESIGN Strategic Research, Public Presentations, Career Mentoring
  • TERM 4 CAREER DECISION Career Action Plan, Professional Competencies, Progress Reflection

Our focus is on helping you develop greater intercultural competence and to open a larger spectrum of opportunities by engaging in study abroad with curiosity, resilience, and reflection. With the desire to define your own path in life, and a little courage, N.A.U.S student services open up a world of possibilities and excellence one student at a time.

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