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Adelphi University is a highly awarded, nationally ranked, powerfully connected doctoral research university offering exceptional liberal arts and sciences programs and professional training, with particular strength in its Core Four—Arts and Humanities, STEM and Social Sciences, Business and Education and Health and Wellness. Adelphi is dedicated to transforming students’ lives through small classes, hands-on learning and innovative ways to support student success.


There is something magical about a sprawling, 30-hectare campus on the edge of the greatest city on Earth. This is our Garden City campus—set apart by natural beauty, alive with academic life and surrounded by all the resources and support of a great university.

Free Parking

Students have access to free parking on or near campus.

Shuttle Buses

The Adelphi Panther Shuttles can bring students to and from the local train stations, bus stations and many local shopping centers, such as the mall, supermarket and more! The best part about the Panther Shuttles is that they are free for all students!

Getting Off Campus

Getting off campus is a breeze. Students can walk a short distance to the nearby Long Island Rail Road station or take the Shuttle to one of the other stations, which can bring you directly into downtown Manhattan. The local trains or buses can also take you anywhere else on Long Island.

At your disposal: all the social resources of a traditional college campus combined with all the mind-expanding opportunities of a true metropolitan university. Write for The Delphian, a student run newspaper that captures the voice of Adelphi. Volunteer both on campus and off. Take the lead in student government. Explore the art and shops of Garden City, or cross the river and spend an afternoon with friends in Central Park. At Adelphi, there is always a new experience waiting for you around the corner.

The University Department of Public Safety and Transportation provides public safety services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The department consists of over 30 carefully selected and trained male and female officers, many of whom have law enforcement backgrounds. The mission of the Department of Public Safety and Transportation is to enhance the quality of life for the entire Adelphi community by maintaining a secure and open environment where the safety of all is balanced with the rights of each individual.

Undergraduate Programmes at Adelphi University

33 Results found in Sciences.

# Major CIP Code Title
1767 Coastal Environmental Science: Applied Coastal Environmental Science Environmental Science
1768 Coastal Environmental Science: Environmental Science and Research Environmental Science
1769 Environmental Management Systems: Environmental Analysis and Risk Management Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1770 Environmental Management Systems: Policy Analysis Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1771 Environmental Management Systems: Resource Conservation Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1783 Mathematics: Computational Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Science
1784 Mathematics: Mathematical Statistics Mathematics and Statistics
1812 Biochemistry Biochemistry
1814 Biological Sciences: Marine Biology Biological/Biosystems Engineering
1815 Biological Sciences: Secondary Education Biological/Biosystems Engineering
1816 Biological Sciences: Without Concentration Biological/Biosystems Engineering
1822 Chemistry: Biological Chemistry Chemistry, General
1823 Chemistry: Chemical Physics Chemistry, General
1824 Chemistry: Chemistry and Second Discipline Chemistry, General
1825 Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry Chemistry, General
1826 Chemistry: Materials Chemistry, General
1827 Chemistry: Polymers Chemistry, General
1828 Chemistry: Pre-professional Chemistry Chemistry, General
1829 Chemistry: Secondary Education Chemistry, General
1830 Chemistry: Without Concentration Chemistry, General
1869 Geology: Environmental Geology Geology/Earth Science, General
1870 Geology: Geophysics Geology/Earth Science, General
1871 Geology: Without Concentration Geology/Earth Science, General
1908 Mathematics: Without Concentration Mathematics, General
1909 Mathematics: Actuarial Science Mathematics, Other
1910 Mathematics: Applied/Discrete Mathematics Mathematics, Other
1912 Microbiology Microbiology, General
1937 Physics: Medical Physics Physics, General
1938 Physics: Physics and Second Discipline Physics, General
1939 Physics: Without Concentration Physics, General
1940 Physics: Astronomy Planetary Astronomy and Science
1954 Sociology: Without Concentration Sociology
1955 Sociology: Criminology Sociology

36 Results found in Liberal Arts.

# Major CIP Code Title
1809 Anthropology Anthropology
1833 Communication Studies Communication and Media Studies, Other
1845 English: Creative Writing English Language and Literature, General
1846 English: English Secondary Education English Language and Literature, General
1847 English: Literature English Language and Literature, General
1848 English: Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture English Language and Literature, General
1860 French: Without Concentration French Studies
1861 Geography (BA) Geography
1862 Geography (BA): Disaster Science and Management Geography
1863 Geography (BA): Geographic Information Science Geography
1864 Geography (BA): Without Concentration Geography
1865 Geography (BS) Geography
1866 Geography (BS): Disaster Science and Management Geography
1867 Geography (BS): Geographic Information Science Geography
1868 Geography (BS): Without Concentration Geography
1873 History: Without Concentration History Teacher Education
1893 Liberal Arts: African and African-American Studies Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1894 Liberal Arts: Art History Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1895 Liberal Arts: Classical Civilization Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1896 Liberal Arts: Disaster Science and Management Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1897 Liberal Arts: Film and Media Arts Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1898 Liberal Arts: Women’s and Gender Studies Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1903 Mass Communication: Digital Advertising Mass Communication/Media Studies
1904 Mass Communication: Journalism Mass Communication/Media Studies
1905 Mass Communication: Political Communication Mass Communication/Media Studies
1906 Mass Communication: Public Relations Mass Communication/Media Studies
1913 Interdisciplinary Studies: Health Sciences Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1914 Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Studies Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1915 Interdisciplinary Studies: Leadership and Society Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1916 Interdisciplinary Studies: Studies in Organizations Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1917 Interdisciplinary Studies: Writing and Performing Arts Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1933 Philosophy: Law, Ethics, and Social Justice Philosophy
1934 Philosophy: Religious Studies Philosophy
1935 Philosophy: Without Concentration Philosophy
1953 Psychology Psychology, General
1956 Spanish: Without Concentration Spanish Language and Literature

18 Results found in Engineering and IT.

# Major CIP Code Title
1777 Computer Science: Cloud Computing and Networking Computer Science
1778 Computer Science: Computer Science and Second Discipline Computer Science
1779 Computer Science: Data Science and Analytics Computer Science
1780 Computer Science: Distributed Systems and Networking Computer Science
1813 Biological Engineering Biological/Biosystems Engineering
1818 Chemical Engineering: Biomolecular Chemical Engineering
1819 Chemical Engineering: Environmental Chemical Engineering
1820 Chemical Engineering: Materials Chemical Engineering
1821 Chemical Engineering: Without Concentration Chemical Engineering
1832 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering, General
1835 Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, General
1836 Computer Science: Software Engineering Computer Software Engineering
1837 Construction Management Construction Management
1842 Electrical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering
1849 Environmental Engineering Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering
1875 Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering
1911 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
1932 Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering

10 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

# Major CIP Code Title
1785 Nutrition and Food Sciences: Dietetics Nutrition Sciences
1786 Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food Science and Technology Nutrition Sciences
1787 Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutrition, Health, and Society Nutrition Sciences
1788 Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutritional Sciences/Pre-medicine Nutrition Sciences
1811 Athletic Training Athletic Training/Trainer
1888 Kinesiology: Fitness Studies Kinesiology and Exercise Science
1890 Kinesiology: Human Movement Science Kinesiology and Exercise Science
1891 Kinesiology: Sports Studies Kinesiology and Exercise Science
1958 Sport Administration: Sport Commerce Sport and Fitness Administration/Management
1959 Sport Administration: Sport Leadership Sport and Fitness Administration/Management

28 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

# Major CIP Code Title
1851 Studio Art Fine/Studio Arts, General
1852 Studio Art: Ceramics Fine/Studio Arts, General
1853 Studio Art: Digital Art Fine/Studio Arts, General
1854 Studio Art: Graphic Design Fine/Studio Arts, General
1855 Studio Art: Painting and Drawing Fine/Studio Arts, General
1856 Studio Art: Photography Fine/Studio Arts, General
1857 Studio Art: Printmaking Fine/Studio Arts, General
1858 Studio Art: Sculpture Fine/Studio Arts, General
1918 Music (BA) Music, General
1919 Music (BA): Experimental Music and Digital Media Music, General
1920 Music (BM): Brass Music, General
1921 Music (BM): Composition Music, General
1922 Music (BM): Harp Music, General
1923 Music (BM): Organ Music, General
1924 Music (BM): Percussion Music, General
1925 Music (BM): Piano Pedagogy Music, General
1926 Music (BM): Piano Performance Music, General
1927 Music (BM): String Music, General
1928 Music (BM): Voice Music, General
1929 Music (BM): Woodwind Music, General
1930 Music (BME): Instrumental Music, General
1931 Music (BME): Vocal Music, General
1963 Theatre: Arts Administration Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
1964 Theatre: Design/Technology Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
1965 Theatre: Film and Television Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
1966 Theatre: Performance Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
1967 Theatre: Physical Theatre Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
1968 Theatre: Theatre Studies Theatre/Theatre Arts Management

Graduate Programmes at Adelphi University

2 Results found in Sciences.

# Major CIP Code Title
1261 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies
1264 Biology Biological and Physical Sciences

3 Results found in Liberal Arts.

# Major CIP Code Title
1262 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies
1289 Creative Writing Creative Writing
1334 TESOL Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor

1 Results found in Engineering and IT.

# Major CIP Code Title
1266 Computer Science Computer Science

3 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

# Major CIP Code Title
1297 Exercise Science Exercise Physiology
1321 Physical Education Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
1332 Sport Management Sport and Fitness Administration/Management
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