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American Access is a unique transfer program, designed for aspirational international students like you.

Start at a world-class university. This first-year program at American University prepares you to transfer into another highly-ranked university — the one that best fits your goals.

Adapt to U.S. university culture. You will develop the academic and cultural skills to succeed at any U.S. university. You’ll even get English-language help specific to your classes.

Find the best university for you. American Access includes one-on-one counseling and personalized support to help you select and transfer to another top university.

Transfer with confidence. American Access is the only U.S. university transfer program that guarantees acceptance to another top-100 partner school if you maintain your academic performance criteria.**

Undergraduate Programmes at American Access

1 Results found in Engineering and IT.

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1340STEM or Computer ScienceComputer Science

Graduate Programmes at American Access

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