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Located on a beautiful campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LSU is a flagship university where a commitment to excellence defines EVERYTHING WE DO.

Just minutes from LSU, downtown Baton Rouge is a vibrant hot spot that’s bursting with an authentic, festive culture you can’t find anywhere else. Attend an exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art, watch the sun set over the mighty Mississippi River or visit a historic plantation. Dine on delicious Southern cuisine (ever tried fried alligator?), explore one of many international art and music festivals and check out the Baton Rouge Zoo. Whatever your interests may be, our city is the perfect place to spend a day— and four years!


LSU’s beautiful campus is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the state capital and a cultural crossroads between the Cajun country of Lafayette and the beautiful, internationally known city of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz music and home of Mardi Gras.

Just minutes from LSU, downtown Baton Rouge is a vibrant hot spot that’s bursting with an authentic, festive culture you can’t find anywhere else. Attend an exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art, watch the sun set over the mighty Mississippi River or visit a historic plantation. Dine on delicious Southern cuisine (ever tried fried alligator?), explore one of many international art and music festivals and check out the Baton Rouge Zoo.

Whatever your interests may be, our city is the perfect place to spend a day— and four years!

LSU provides everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few ways to get active on campus:

  • Try out the Student Recreation Complex’s basketball and volleyball courts, indoor pool, track, cardio and weight training equipment, cycle studio and more. www.lsu.edu/urec
  • Join an intramural sports team, like flag football,basketball, softball, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, badminton or dodge ball.
  • Test your strength and agility at the Sport and Adventure Course’s multipurpose sports fields and challenge course.
  • Take advantage of the Adventure Education Program, which gives you access to the climbing gym, free recreation equipment rentals (including bikes, stand up paddle boards and camping gear) and problem-solving
    team activities.
  • Get fit with the Healthy Lifestyle program, which involves group exercise classes, private fitness assessment and personal training.

Attending a university with more than 25,000 undergraduates means you can choose from hundreds of student organizations. Here’s just a sampling of what’s available to you:

  • Advertising Federation
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Quidditch Club
  • Pharmacy Society
  • International Relations Club
  • Bowling Club
  • African Student Organization (ASO)
  • American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)
  • International Cultural Center
  • Arabic Club
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

If none of LSU’s 375 active student organizations interest you, feel free to start your own. All you need is an academic advisor and at least five students.

Want to make a difference? Get Volunteer LSU’s weekly newsletter to
sign up for projects that interest you. You can even serve others while
earning course credit. Service Learning classes emphasize hands-on
experiences that address community needs, all while reinforcing
course content and building your leadership skills. It’s a rewarding way
to get the most out of your studies and make our city a better place.
Kinesiology students participate in a service-learning course inwhich
they assist with a group exercise program for middle-aged and older
adults at the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center.

Undergraduate Programmes at Louisiana State University

33 Results found in Sciences.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1767Coastal Environmental Science: Applied Coastal Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science
1768Coastal Environmental Science: Environmental Science and ResearchEnvironmental Science
1769Environmental Management Systems: Environmental Analysis and Risk ManagementEnvironmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1770Environmental Management Systems: Policy AnalysisEnvironmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1771Environmental Management Systems: Resource ConservationEnvironmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
1783Mathematics: Computational MathematicsMathematics and Computer Science
1784Mathematics: Mathematical StatisticsMathematics and Statistics
1814Biological Sciences: Marine BiologyBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1815Biological Sciences: Secondary EducationBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1816Biological Sciences: Without ConcentrationBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1822Chemistry: Biological ChemistryChemistry, General
1823Chemistry: Chemical PhysicsChemistry, General
1824Chemistry: Chemistry and Second DisciplineChemistry, General
1825Chemistry: Environmental ChemistryChemistry, General
1826Chemistry: MaterialsChemistry, General
1827Chemistry: PolymersChemistry, General
1828Chemistry: Pre-professional ChemistryChemistry, General
1829Chemistry: Secondary EducationChemistry, General
1830Chemistry: Without ConcentrationChemistry, General
1869Geology: Environmental GeologyGeology/Earth Science, General
1870Geology: GeophysicsGeology/Earth Science, General
1871Geology: Without ConcentrationGeology/Earth Science, General
1908Mathematics: Without ConcentrationMathematics, General
1909Mathematics: Actuarial ScienceMathematics, Other
1910Mathematics: Applied/Discrete MathematicsMathematics, Other
1912MicrobiologyMicrobiology, General
1937Physics: Medical PhysicsPhysics, General
1938Physics: Physics and Second DisciplinePhysics, General
1939Physics: Without ConcentrationPhysics, General
1940Physics: AstronomyPlanetary Astronomy and Science
1954Sociology: Without ConcentrationSociology
1955Sociology: CriminologySociology

36 Results found in Liberal Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1833Communication StudiesCommunication and Media Studies, Other
1845English: Creative WritingEnglish Language and Literature, General
1846English: English Secondary EducationEnglish Language and Literature, General
1847English: LiteratureEnglish Language and Literature, General
1848English: Rhetoric, Writing, and CultureEnglish Language and Literature, General
1860French: Without ConcentrationFrench Studies
1861Geography (BA)Geography
1862Geography (BA): Disaster Science and ManagementGeography
1863Geography (BA): Geographic Information ScienceGeography
1864Geography (BA): Without ConcentrationGeography
1865Geography (BS)Geography
1866Geography (BS): Disaster Science and ManagementGeography
1867Geography (BS): Geographic Information ScienceGeography
1868Geography (BS): Without ConcentrationGeography
1873History: Without ConcentrationHistory Teacher Education
1893Liberal Arts: African and African-American StudiesLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1894Liberal Arts: Art HistoryLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1895Liberal Arts: Classical CivilizationLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1896Liberal Arts: Disaster Science and ManagementLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1897Liberal Arts: Film and Media ArtsLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1898Liberal Arts: Women’s and Gender StudiesLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
1903Mass Communication: Digital AdvertisingMass Communication/Media Studies
1904Mass Communication: JournalismMass Communication/Media Studies
1905Mass Communication: Political CommunicationMass Communication/Media Studies
1906Mass Communication: Public RelationsMass Communication/Media Studies
1913Interdisciplinary Studies: Health SciencesMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1914Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized StudiesMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1915Interdisciplinary Studies: Leadership and SocietyMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1916Interdisciplinary Studies: Studies in OrganizationsMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1917Interdisciplinary Studies: Writing and Performing ArtsMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
1933Philosophy: Law, Ethics, and Social JusticePhilosophy
1934Philosophy: Religious StudiesPhilosophy
1935Philosophy: Without ConcentrationPhilosophy
1953PsychologyPsychology, General
1956Spanish: Without ConcentrationSpanish Language and Literature

18 Results found in Engineering and IT.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1777Computer Science: Cloud Computing and NetworkingComputer Science
1778Computer Science: Computer Science and Second DisciplineComputer Science
1779Computer Science: Data Science and AnalyticsComputer Science
1780Computer Science: Distributed Systems and NetworkingComputer Science
1813Biological EngineeringBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1818Chemical Engineering: BiomolecularChemical Engineering
1819Chemical Engineering: EnvironmentalChemical Engineering
1820Chemical Engineering: MaterialsChemical Engineering
1821Chemical Engineering: Without ConcentrationChemical Engineering
1832Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering, General
1835Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering, General
1836Computer Science: Software EngineeringComputer Software Engineering
1837Construction ManagementConstruction Management
1842Electrical EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering
1849Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental/Environmental Health Engineering
1875Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
1911Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
1932Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum Engineering

10 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1785Nutrition and Food Sciences: DieteticsNutrition Sciences
1786Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food Science and TechnologyNutrition Sciences
1787Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutrition, Health, and SocietyNutrition Sciences
1788Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutritional Sciences/Pre-medicineNutrition Sciences
1811Athletic TrainingAthletic Training/Trainer
1888Kinesiology: Fitness StudiesKinesiology and Exercise Science
1890Kinesiology: Human Movement ScienceKinesiology and Exercise Science
1891Kinesiology: Sports StudiesKinesiology and Exercise Science
1958Sport Administration: Sport CommerceSport and Fitness Administration/Management
1959Sport Administration: Sport LeadershipSport and Fitness Administration/Management

28 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1851Studio ArtFine/Studio Arts, General
1852Studio Art: CeramicsFine/Studio Arts, General
1853Studio Art: Digital ArtFine/Studio Arts, General
1854Studio Art: Graphic DesignFine/Studio Arts, General
1855Studio Art: Painting and DrawingFine/Studio Arts, General
1856Studio Art: PhotographyFine/Studio Arts, General
1857Studio Art: PrintmakingFine/Studio Arts, General
1858Studio Art: SculptureFine/Studio Arts, General
1918Music (BA)Music, General
1919Music (BA): Experimental Music and Digital MediaMusic, General
1920Music (BM): BrassMusic, General
1921Music (BM): CompositionMusic, General
1922Music (BM): HarpMusic, General
1923Music (BM): OrganMusic, General
1924Music (BM): PercussionMusic, General
1925Music (BM): Piano PedagogyMusic, General
1926Music (BM): Piano PerformanceMusic, General
1927Music (BM): StringMusic, General
1928Music (BM): VoiceMusic, General
1929Music (BM): WoodwindMusic, General
1930Music (BME): InstrumentalMusic, General
1931Music (BME): VocalMusic, General
1963Theatre: Arts AdministrationTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
1964Theatre: Design/TechnologyTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
1965Theatre: Film and TelevisionTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
1966Theatre: PerformanceTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
1967Theatre: Physical TheatreTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
1968Theatre: Theatre StudiesTheatre/Theatre Arts Management

Graduate Programmes at Louisiana State University

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