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At UCF, you’ll expand your intellectual perspective to broad new horizons, conduct cutting-edge research that inspires headlines and gain real-world experiences through internships and co-ops that lead to dream jobs. Our faculty bring expertise from around the world that will shatter your preconceptions, fuel your discoveries and reward your hard work with the knowledge and skills to impact the world.

Undergraduate Programmes at University of Central Florida

20 Results found in Sciences.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1970Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies
1972Actuarial ScienceActuarial Science
1973BiologyBiological and Physical Sciences
1974Biology: Preprofessional ConcentrationBiological and Physical Sciences
1975Medical Laboratory SciencesBiology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
1990Biomedical SciencesBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1991Biomedical Sciences: Molecular and Cellular Biology TrackBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1992Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Microbiology TrackBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1993Biomedical Sciences: Neuroscience TrackBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1994Biomedical Sciences: Preprofessional ConcentrationBiological/Biosystems Engineering
1998ChemistryChemistry, General
1999Chemistry: Biochemistry TrackChemistry, General
2027Forensic Science: Biochemistry TrackForensic Psychology
2028Forensic Science: Chemistry TrackForensic Psychology
2043MathematicsMathematics, General
2059PhysicsPhysics, General
2060PhysicsPhysics, General
2074StatisticsStatistics, General

21 Results found in Liberal Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1978Advertising: Public RelationsAdvertising
2002Communication & ConflictCommunication, General
2020English: Creative WritingEnglish Language and Literature, General
2021English: LiteratureEnglish Language and Literature, General
2022English: Technical CommunicationEnglish Language and Literature, General
2029FrenchFrench Language and Literature
2033HistoryHistory, General
2035Humanities and Cultural StudiesHumanities/Humanistic Studies
2039Latin American StudiesLatin American Studies
2046Interdisciplinary StudiesMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
2047Interdisciplinary Studies: Transnational Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies TraMulti-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
2063PsychologyPsychology, General
2065Radio/TVRadio and Television
2067Religion & Cultural StudiesReligion/Religious Studies
2069Social SciencesSocial Sciences, General
2070Social WorkSocial Work
2072SpanishSpanish Language and Literature
2082Writing and RhetoricWriting, General

16 Results found in Engineering and IT.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1969Information TechnologyInformation Technology
1976Computer ScienceComputer Science
1979Aerospace EngineeringAerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering
2000Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering, General
2003Computer Engineering: Comprehensive TrackComputer Engineering, General
2004Computer Engineering: Digital Circuits TrackComputer Engineering, General
2005Construction EngineeringConstruction Engineering
2013Electrical EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2014Electrical Engineering: Communications and Signal Processing TrackElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2015Electrical Engineering: Comprehensive TrackElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2016Electrical Engineering: Power and Renewable Energy TrackElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2017Electrical Engineering: RF and Microwaves TrackElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2018Photonic Science and EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2023Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental/Environmental Health Engineering
2036Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
2044Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering

2 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1989Athletic TrainingAthletic Training/Trainer
2073Sport and Exercise ScienceSport and Fitness Administration/Management

19 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
1983Art: Emerging Media TrackArt/Art Studies, General
1984Art: History TrackArt/Art Studies, General
1985Art: Studio Art TrackArt/Art Studies, General
1986Art: Studio TrackArt/Art Studies, General
1987Art: Visual Arts & Emerging Media ManagementArt/Art Studies, General
2024FilmFilm/Cinema/Video Studies
2025Film: Cinema StudiesFilm/Cinema/Video Studies
2048Music EducationMusic Teacher Education
2049Music: Music Composition TrackMusic Theory and Composition
2050MusicMusic, General
2051Music: Jazz Studies TrackMusic, General
2052Music: Music Performance TrackMusic, General
2076TheatreTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2077Theatre StudiesTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2078Theatre: Acting TrackTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2079Theatre: Design and Technology TrackTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2080Theatre: Musical Theatre TrackTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2081Theatre: Stage Management TrackTheatre/Theatre Arts Management

Graduate Programmes at University of Central Florida

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