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At the University of Illinois at Chicago, you’ll be living and studying in the heart of Chicago, one of America’s most vibrant cities, famous for its iconic architecture, numerous museums and diverse economy. Chicago is a national higher education destination, where more than a quarter-million students study at the city’s 50+ colleges and universities. UIC is the largest university in Chicago and the only public research university in the city. It’s a great place to call home for the next few years.

Undergraduate Programmes at University of Illinois at Chicago

10 Results found in Sciences.

# Major CIP Code Title
2083 Earth and Environmental Sciences Environmental Science
2087 Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics and Computer Science
2096 Biochemistry Biochemistry
2098 Biological Sciences Biological/Biosystems Engineering
2100 Chemistry, BA Chemistry, General
2132 Mathematics Mathematics, General
2137 Neuroscience Neuroscience
2139 Physics Physics, General
2146 Rehabilitation Sciences Rehabilitation Science
2153 Statistics Statistics, General

19 Results found in Liberal Arts.

# Major CIP Code Title
2090 African American Studies African-American/Black Studies
2091 Anthropology Anthropology
2102 Classical Studies Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2103 Communication Communication, General
2113 English English Language and Literature, General
2116 French and Francophone Studies French Studies
2117 Germanic Studies Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2118 Germanic Studies with Business Minor Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2120 History History, General
2128 Latin American and Latino Studies Latin American Studies
2138 Philosophy Philosophy
2142 Psychology: Applied Psychology Psychology, General
2143 Psychology: General Psychology Psychology, General
2147 Russian Russian Language and Literature
2148 Polish Russian, Central European, East European and Eurasian Studies
2150 Spanish Economics Spanish and Iberian Studies
2151 Spanish Spanish Language and Literature
2161 Urban Studies Urban Studies/Affairs
2162 Gender and Women’s Studies Women's Studies

12 Results found in Engineering and IT.

# Major CIP Code Title
2084 Computer Science: Computer Systems Computer Science
2085 Computer Science: Human-Centered Computing Computer Science
2097 Bioengineering Biological/Biosystems Engineering
2099 Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
2101 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering, General
2104 Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, General
2105 Computer Science: Software Engineering Computer Software Engineering
2110 Electrical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2111 Engineering Management Engineering, General
2112 Engineering Physics Engineering, General
2123 Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering
2133 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

3 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

# Major CIP Code Title
2125 Kinesiology Kinesiology and Exercise Science
2126 Kinesiology: Exercise Science and Health Promotion Kinesiology and Exercise Science
2127 Kinesiology: Movement Science Kinesiology and Exercise Science

9 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

# Major CIP Code Title
2089 Acting Acting
2094 Art History Art History, Criticism and Conservation
2095 Art Art/Art Studies, General
2124 Jazz Studies Jazz/Jazz Studies
2134 Music Business Music Management
2135 Performance Music Performance, General
2136 Music Music, General
2158 Theater and Performance Theatre/Theatre Arts Management
2159 Theater Design, Production and Technology Theatre/Theatre Arts Management

Graduate Programmes at University of Illinois at Chicago

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