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We are the University of Kansas. Here and around the globe, our chant rises. We firmly believe that a passion for problem solving, research and scholarship can change the world. A top-ranked public research university. A community brought together by a shared eagerness for invention and discovery. A campus with a generosity of spirit. Future leaders, business moguls and visionaries—KU welcomes you. Let the University of Kansas give you an undergraduate experience that will change your life.


In 2016, Capitol Federal Hall opened its doors. This 166,500-square-foot building serves as a destination for students who are determined to move business forward. From state-of-the-art technology to research labs, this is a hub for collaboration and innovation. Dean and H.D. Price Professor of Business at the KU School of Business, L. Paige Fields, explains all that KU offers in this way: The KU School of Business connects students to the resources they need to succeed in a changing global business environment.


Our students are offered unparalleled research opportunities and resources. We have talented, dedicated faculty and a wide array of distinguished alumni. It’s all part of the fabric that makes the student experience at the KU School of Engineering one of the best in the nation, while also building the foundation for a successful career. Jayhawk engineering is a bridge to the future, pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to the world’s problems. KU engineering and computer science faculty, students and staff are committed to answering the call for significant interdisciplinary research and engineering education.

Undergraduate Programmes at University of Kansas

20 Results found in Sciences.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2165Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies
2166Clinical Laboratory ScienceClinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist
2167BiologyBiological and Physical Sciences
2169Human BiologyHuman Biology
2170Human Biology: AnthropologyHuman Biology
2171Human Biology: BiologyHuman Biology
2172Human Biology: PsychologyHuman Biology
2173Human Biology: Speech-Language-HearingHuman Biology
2181Applied Behavioral ScienceApplied Behavior Analysis
2190Atmospheric ScienceAtmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Other
2198ChemistryChemistry, General
2232GeologyGeology/Earth Science, General
2250MathematicsMathematics, General
2252MicrobiologyMicrobiology, General
2253Molecular BiotechnologyMolecular Biology
2263Behavioral NeuroscienceNeuroscience
2268PhysicsPhysics, General

32 Results found in Liberal Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2175News & InformationComputer and Information Sciences, Other
2178African & African-American StudiesAfrican-American/Black Studies
2179American StudiesAmerican History (United States)
2187East Asian Languages & CultureAsian Studies/Civilization
2202Classical AntiquityClassical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology
2203Classical LanguagesClassical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology
2204Communication StudiesCommunication and Media Studies, Other
2223EnglishEnglish Language and Literature, General
2224European Studies Co-majorEuropean History
2230FrenchFrench Language and Literature
2233Germanic Languages & LiteraturesGermanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2238HistoryHistory, General
2239HumanitiesHumanities/Humanistic Studies
2240Global & International StudiesInternational/Global Studies
2243Latin American & Carribean StudiesLatin American Studies
2244Liberal Arts & SciencesLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
2246Literature, Language & WritingLiterature, Other
2249Strategic CommunicationMass Communication/Media Studies
2274PsychologyPsychology, General
2275Public AdministrationPublic Administration
2276Religious StudiesReligion/Religious Studies
2278Russian, East European & Eurasian StudiesRussian Studies
2282Slavic Languages & LiteraturesSlavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2283Social WorkSocial Work
2285SpanishSpanish Language and Literature
2286Speech-Language-HearingSpeech-Language Pathology/Pathologist
2298Women’s StudiesWomen's Studies

14 Results found in Engineering and IT.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2164Information TechnologyInformation Technology
2168Computer ScienceComputer Science
2174Interdisciplinary ComputingComputer and Information Sciences, Other
2177Aerospace EngineeringAerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering
2182Architectural EngineeringArchitectural Engineering
2197Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
2199Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering, General
2206Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering, General
2217Electrical EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2218Electromechanical Control SystemsElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2221Engineering PhysicsEngineering, General
2222Engineering: UndecidedEngineering, General
2251Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
2265Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum Engineering

3 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2189Athletic TrainingAthletic Training/Trainer
2225Exercise ScienceExercise Physiology
2287Sport ManagementSport and Fitness Administration/Management

3 Results found in Pharmacy and Pre-Med.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2163Pharmaceutical StudiesPharmaceutical Sciences
2266Doctor of PharmacyPharmacy
2271Premedical Professions (No degree offered)Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies

20 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2186History of ArtArt History, Criticism and Conservation
2208DanceDance, General
2227Film & Media StudiesFilm/Cinema/Video Studies
2255Music TheoryMusic History, Literature, and Theory
2256Music CompositionMusic Management
2257Music EducationMusic Teacher Education
2258Music TherapyMusic Therapy/Therapist
2259MusicMusic, General
2260VoiceMusic, General
2261Wind & PercussionMusic, General
2262MusicologyMusicology and Ethnomusicology
2289Strings & HarpStringed Instruments
2290TheatreTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2291Theatre & VoiceTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2292Theatre DesignTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2293Visual ArtVisual and Performing Arts, General
2294Visual Art EducationVisual and Performing Arts, General
2295Visual Art: CeramicsVisual and Performing Arts, General
2296Visual Art: Metalsmithing/JewelryVisual and Performing Arts, General
2297Visual Art: Textiles/FibersVisual and Performing Arts, General

Graduate Programmes at University of Kansas

5 Results found in Liberal Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2215Contemporary East Asian StudiesEast Asian Studies
2241Global & International StudiesInternational/Global Studies
2242Latin American & Caribbean StudiesLatin American Studies
2254Museum StudiesMuseology/Museum Studies
2279Russian, East European, and Eurasian StudiesRussian Studies

6 Results found in Engineering and IT.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2200Civil Engineering (MCE)Civil Engineering, General
2201Civil Engineering (MS Civ Eng)Civil Engineering, General
2207Construction ManagementConstruction Management
2220Engineering ManagementEngineering, General
2272Project Management (MEng)Project Management
2273Project Management (MS)Project Management

2 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2226Exercise ScienceExercise Physiology
2288Sport ManagementSport and Fitness Administration/Management
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