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Here at the University of Utah, we make things happen. Adventure is around every corner, driven by the imaginations of our students and brought to reality with the support of the university’s faculty, facilities, and resources. Welcome to Utah

With a unique blend of nature, distinctive culture, and the taste of opportunity, Salt Lake City is an active dreamer’s paradise. This bustling city, set in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain range, is ideal for both studying and living and boasts world-class arts, unforgettable scenery, and one of the best public transit systems in the country. Want to explore further? Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver are all a short flight away.

Undergraduate Programmes at University of Utah

23 Results found in Sciences.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2474Environmental and Sustainability StudiesEnvironmental Studies
2475Environmental and Sustainability StudiesEnvironmental Studies
2478BiologyBiological and Physical Sciences
2479BiologyBiological and Physical Sciences
2484Applied MathematicsApplied Mathematics, General
2490Atmospheric SciencesAtmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Other
2496ChemistryChemistry, General
2497ChemistryChemistry, General
2506Consumer and Community StudiesConsumer Economics
2507Consumer and Community StudiesConsumer Economics
2519Ethnic StudiesEthnic Studies
2520Ethnic StudiesEthnic Studies
2527GeoscienceGeophysics and Seismology
2542MathematicsMathematics, General
2543MathematicsMathematics, General
2556PhysicsPhysics, General
2557PhysicsPhysics, General
2567PsychologyPsychology, General
2568PsychologyPsychology, General

29 Results found in Liberal Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2488Asian StudiesAsian Studies/Civilization
2498ChineseChinese Studies
2500ClassicsClassics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2501CommunicationCommunication, General
2502CommunicationCommunication, General
2503Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies: Literature and CultureComparative Literature
2518EnglishEnglish Language and Literature, General
2522FrenchFrench Language and Literature
2528GermanGerman Language and Literature
2532HistoryHistory, General
2535International StudiesInternational/Global Studies
2536International StudiesInternational/Global Studies
2537JapaneseJapanese Language and Literature
2539Latin American StudiesLatin American Studies
2546Middle East StudiesMiddle/Near Eastern and Semitic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
2552Peace and Conflict StudiesPeace Studies and Conflict Resolution
2553Peace and Conflict StudiesPeace Studies and Conflict Resolution
2571Religious StudiesReligion/Religious Studies
2572RussianRussian Language and Literature
2576SpanishSpanish Language and Literature
2583Gender StudiesWomen's Studies
2584Gender StudiesWomen's Studies
2585Writing and Rhetoric StudiesWriting, General
2586Writing and Rhetoric StudiesWriting, General

14 Results found in Engineering and IT.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2476Mining EngineeringEngineering-Related Fields, Other
2481Computer ScienceComputer Science
2492Biomedical EngineeringBiological/Biosystems Engineering
2495Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
2499Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering, General
2504Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering, General
2505Construction EngineeringConstruction Engineering
2516Electrical EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering
2517EngineeringEngineering, General
2523GamesGame and Interactive Media Design
2526Geological EngineeringGeological/Geophysical Engineering
2541Material Science & EngineeringMaterials Science
2544Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
2545Metallurgical EngineeringMetallurgical Engineering

2 Results found in Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2489Athletic TrainingAthletic Training/Trainer
2538KinesiologyKinesiology and Exercise Science

5 Results found in Pharmacy and Pre-Med.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2560Pre DentistryPre-Dentistry Studies
2561Pre DentistryPre-Dentistry Studies
2564Pre MedicinePre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
2565Pre MedicinePre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies
2566Pre PharmacyPre-Pharmacy Studies

8 Results found in Music, Theater and the Arts.

#MajorCIP Code Title
2486Art HistoryArt History, Criticism and Conservation
2487ArtArt/Art Studies, General
2508Modern DanceDance, General
2521Film and Media ArtsFilm/Cinema/Video Studies
2547MusicMusic, General
2581TheatreTheatre/Theatre Arts Management
2582TheatreTheatre/Theatre Arts Management

Graduate Programmes at University of Utah

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